Grass Stain Typeface

August 2, 2011

Get Off My Lawn by William Roth


grass stain t-shirt experiment typeface font

My entry for this week’s Mortar & Pencil challenge. Crushed and twisted grass clippings and rubbed the grass into a white t-shirt. Download the large .gif file of typeface.



July 30, 2011

A little type experiment.

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 4.33.04 PM


Enjoy The Pizza

July 29, 2011

I hope you got my deliverable. Cheers, and happy Friday.
-William Roth, Future WK12.8er?

Enjoy The Process, William Roth
Enjoy The Pizza
WK12 Breadsticks by William Roth
WK12 Enjoy The Process by William Roth

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Fun with Shickadoo Brand

July 28, 2011

Spent the evening experimenting with wallpapers, posters, and hype animals for


News* Corporation Logo

July 16, 2011

Here is my first submission to Mortar & Pencil. The goal was to design a new logo for News Corporation.

The concept is simple. News from News Corporation now comes with a required footnote. In that footnote are allegations into phone hacking, the court appeal in Florida to lie during “news” broadcasts, and the million dollar donations to the Republican Gov. association, and George W.

News* Corporation

What do you think? I like the fact that someone can draw the new logo onto places they see the News Corp. logo already and include it while typing out the name of the company, like it’s shown in the headline of this post. I also thought it would be fun to print out some stickers and put them on the signage at News Corp headquarters in NYC (not that I would ever do that).

The hand-drawn nature of the footnote suggests that it was someone else who came in later and corrected a mistake, and it was not part of the original thought. This both gives the benefit of doubt to Mr. Murdoch and also allows for the logo to remain my interpretation.

News* of the World logoFox News* logoGot a better idea for a News Corporation logo? Submit it to




After about a year of dilly-dallying, thinking, poking, and cataloging I have finally launched The project began when I started noticing all these ad-hoc games, riddles, and contests were happening all over the web from 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. It was inspiring and funny to see the way people would submit variations to games like Get the Cake, or compete for ‘likes’ on Facebook when someone posts a fill-in-the-blank status update.

Mortar and Pencil Logo

I wanted to see a website where all of this would come together, and add in a couple design challenges and photoshop contests to the mix.

Well it turns out there are a number of those sites. and especially nailed it pretty well. I spent a couple days crying, and then got back on the horse. Realizing that I don’t need something perfect, and that I would be happy even if I was playing these games forever alone, I decided to launch the site yesterday.

Mortar & Pencil will feature weekly games, posted every Wednesday. The first game is a design challenge. Create a new logo for News Corp. Join me over at Mortar & Pencil today! 

In the spirit of transparency. Here is a link to the Google Doc I have been using to gather my thoughts around the idea of a creative game website. If anyone has some wordpress coding skills, I would love some help implementing a better comment/submission system. Namely, a way for people to include their website, and a way to add an avatar to their submissions. 


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